Jewish Heritage

The Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and Morocco is rich in Jewish history and the Yaya Food and Travel Group can ensure your vacation is an experience which satisfies the mind, body and soul.

Different ideologies have different views on when the first Jewish communities were established in Southern Europe, and indeed recent archaeological discoveries have created new thinking. There is however no doubt that Jews have played a major part in the development of many cultures and communities in this area, and that they have both prospered and suffered across the ages.

Remarkably the history and influence is to be found in the smallest villages and the largest cities throughout Spain and Portugal. Stories have been passed down through the ages, transcripts preserved for you to study, and relics safeguarded for you to enjoy. We find them in ancient Jewries, fascinating museums, centres of learning, and of course stunning synagogues which have borne witness to the faith of millions through the centuries.

It is however the stories of people which most connect with our guests. From the great philosopher and Torah scholar Maimonides, Moshe Ben Maimom (also known as ”The Rambam”) who was born in Cordoba and whose influence can be found as far as Morocco, to the “secret” Jews of Trancoso, these stories build and intertwine to create an unforgettable vision of how the movement and displacement of people effects and develops the communities of the future.

Over many years Yaya owners, Isaac and Aya, have lived, travelled, and researched the area developing the knowledge and relationships which allows them to deliver that once in a lifetime experience. Their team of guides, each selected for their expertise of a particular town or city, recount a very personal story passed down through the generations.

The Cantabrian Treasure

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