Northern Spain & Portugal Tour

Northern Spain & Portugal Tour

We can easily adapt this tour to suit your preferences.

Rich in culture and overflowing with Jewish Heritage this stunning tour will take us back over two thousand years as we discover the beginnings of Jewish communities and then travel through time encompassing many historic events and periods.

For centuries Spain was a land of opportunity and as they prospered the various Jewish communities played a major part in the development of the country. The expulsion of the Jews in the15th century brought an end to this “Golden Age” and our tour will encapsulate all of this diversity and indeed more modern times.

Sagrada Familia by night

The tour isn’t solely based around Jewish Heritage, indeed on the very first day we will visit the world’s largest cathedral – The Sagrada Família in Barcelona which has been under construction since 1882 and still has approximately 20 years before completion.

As we travel across Spain towards Portugal we will discover ancient Jewish sites, enjoy synagogues from across the centuries, and meet with guides and experts who will paint you a picture of Jewish life in from Spain in many notable times in history

Tasty Spanish Pinxtos

Highlights of our time in Spain will include romantic Girona, Besalu with it’s Jewish sites dating back to the 9th century, Madrid where we will experience Kabbalat Shabbat, and the west of Spain where we will explore ancient towns like Salamanca and Avila.

As we travel through sunny Spain we will encounter many cultures and differing faiths. The architecture is diverse with varied influences, much like the art with names like Greco, Dali, and the Spanish Royal Collection in Madrid.

The final third of the tour will be spent in Portugal where the highlight is a visit to the northern village of Belmonte, where the Jewish community survived in secrecy for hundreds of years by maintaining a tradition of endogamy, and by hiding all the external signs of faith.

Medieval bridge and village of Besalú

We will also take in Porto and Lisbon where we can find the Museum of Portuguese Jewish history which is absolutely fascinating and notably houses the Lisbon Bible. Indeed the four days we spend in Portugal will be very diverse; from the beauty of stunning Sintra to the history  of Coimbra.

As with all Yaya tours luxury is a given. We will be staying in the very best hotels, themselves awash with history, and enjoying the very best of local cuisine with visits to well researched restaurants and eateries, Take a look at our itinerary for more details and a day by day schedule.