Spain, Portugal & Morocco Tour

Spain, Portugal & Morocco Tour

We can easily adapt this tour to suit your preferences.

Taking in four countries and two continents this superb guided tour will offer you the experience of a lifetime combining a unique Jewish heritage experience with superb cuisine rich in culture and history which satisfies mind, body and soul.

Our 12 day tour starts in Toledo, once known as the “Jerusalem of Spain”. Over the next few days we will experience Jewish heritage and today’s multi-faith culture as we travel through Cordoba and Granada; both of historic these cities are rich in both.We will then head down the coast of the Costa del Sol flanked on either side by the Andalucian mountains with it’s pretty white villages and the Mediterranean to find the amazing village of Rhonda and then the fascinating little British colony of Gibraltar.

Ancient Toledo

We then visit a whole new continent travelling to Morocco in the north of Africa. Our day trip will be centered around the port of Tangiers. With it’s diverse influences over thousands of years Tangiers has a culture all of it’s own and offers a truly memorable experience.

Yet another amazing experience will be found in the form of Seville, founded, according to myth, 3000 years ago by the Greek god Hercules. As Tangiers is rugged and down to earth Seville is beautiful, chic, and contemporary. It also boast some stunning architecture with global influences.

Beautiful Andalucian Cuisine

Portugal is our next destination where will find an abundance of Jewish history. Belmonte is often described as a remarkable experience as we meet the New Christian Jews who secretly preserved their faith in spite of the Expulsion in 1496 until just a few decades ago.

Our guides will take us on a journey through Portugal as we visit Lisbon, Porto, Trancoso and Coimbra amongst others as we spend six wonderful days in the area. Remarkable for a number of historic synagogues and buildings of interest Portugal will be as beautiful as it is fascinating.

The beautiful castle of Obidos

We will be enjoying the  very best hotels, and the very finest  local cuisine with visits to well researched restaurants and eateries, as with all Yaya tours luxury is a given! Take a look at our itinerary for more details and a day by day schedule.