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The culture of Tapas reflects the Spanish approach to life a shameless love of food, music and pleasure. The joy of Tapas is that it gives you the green light to sample a lot of different food and drink in a short record of time, don’t like something ? just move on the next thing, the beauty of tapas in Spain is that if you don’t like the atmosphere of the bar you’re in there are hundreds more bars serving Tapas just down the road and if you like what you’re eating you can always come back tomorrow.

Tapas is not a particular type of food and anything can be a Tapa, Paella, Croquettes, cheese and even Gefilte fish can be served like a Tapa  as long as its small and served before lunch or dinner with a cold beer or a good glass of Rioja wine  it’s a tapa.

In Spain everyone is invited to the ‘’Tapeo’’ a movable soiree of hopping from one tapas bar to the next it’s all food, drink and fun, spontaneous introduction, old friends and new lovers over tipping glasses of Rioja and tapas chased with laughter music and Flamenco dancing. But the really special Tapas cities are the ones the tapa comes automatically with a drink and as we call them in Spain ‘’Tapas del dia’’ Tapas of the day, the chef of the bar or restaurant will serve them depending on what fresh product he finds in the local market that day.

San Sebastian is the jewel of the Spanish Basque Country  a small cosy elegant city that features one of the most beautiful in-city beaches and bays in the world , we call this bay la concha ‘’the Shell’’, besides its multiple Michelin Stars Restaurant, there are hundreds of Tavernas serving the famous  Pintxos’’.   The Basque Country has a different approach to Tapas for a start they are called ‘’Pintxos’’ and rather than  being served for free with a drink like in Andalusia,  Catalonia or any other region in Spain they are picked up off the fantastic display  on the tapas bar and you pay them at the end. The number of cocktail sticks you have on your plate tells the barman how much to charge.

Aya Gourmet Food and Travel offer a big range of TT’s ‘’Tapas Tours’’ from May to October all around Spain, we tailor build the TT depending on your likes and budget , Its ideal for a group of friends or corporate,  we also offer a 14 days TT that starts in Andalusia and ends in the Basque country in San Sebastian, you will learn from the best local chefs how to prepare Spains best Tapas or Pintxos as we say in Bilbao.  Make 2012 your Tapas year and come and enjoy a good Tapeo with us in Spain….

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